Smart Home Fire Detection Installed by Vault

If there's a fire at your home, detects, alerts and responds to protect your family. Your alarm will sound, your smart lights will turn on to light your way out of the house, and your smart thermostat will shut off your HVAC to minimize the spread of smoke. In addition to alerting emergency services, also alerts your own emergency contacts such as family and neighbors to make them aware of the situation.

In the event of fire, your professional monitoring service (which all systems come with) will spring into action immediately. A security professional will assess the situation immediately and dispatch emergency services if needed. Whether you're home or away, help will be at hand.

Meanwhile, your home's alarm will sound and a smartphone alert will tell you exactly what's going on and where. If you're not home, you can visually confirm the alarm using your image sensors or video cameras.

If your system detects a water leak when you're not home, you can use smart access control to let an emergency plumber or trusted neighbor in to turn off your water. Because water damage is fast, this can save you thousands of dollars in cleanup costs, especially if you're out of town.

Proactive Response

As well as alerting people, system takes action in an emergency, triggering different devices to protect your home.

In a fire or CO event, your Smart Thermostat shuts down immediately, preventing smoke or gases spreading through your HVAC system. Your smart lighting also turns on to show you the way outside.

If you're equipped with our full Water Management solution (link), your home's water will shut off automatically at the source if a leak is detected – a valuable safeguard when even the tiniest crack in a pipe can leak 250 gallons in a day.

Fast action on leaks also takes action against problems that traditional security systems can't touch. Most homes are vulnerable to water damage from leaks and burst pipes, which can quickly escalate if you're not there.'s smart water solution detects water leaks, alerts you immediately so you can take quick action. With the addition of a water shut-off valve, can even turn your home's water supply off automatically to immediately stop damage.

Why Some Smart Smoke Detectors Are Safer Than Others

As a new generation of connected fire and smoke detectors hits the market, it's important to know that not every detector billed as "smart" delivers the maximum safety for your home and family. A detector that is part of a fully integrated Smart Home is always safer, smarter and more efficient than a standalone fire/smoke detector, particularly when it comes to taking action in an emergency.

If you're considering a connected detector or solution to protect against fire, smoke and carbon monoxide, there are three things you should know.

  1. Your fire and smoke detectors should automatically alert emergency services
  2. If your smoke detector depends on WiFi, you're taking a risk.
  3. Detectors provide more safety when they're part of a connected home system

Standalone fire/smoke detectors only understand one aspect of your home, a potentially costly limitation when it comes to life safety devices.

A fully integrated Smart Home pulls information from devices inside and outside the home, and enables your home to take action in the event of an emergency.

In the case of a fire, the home knows to shut down the HVAC to reduce the spread of smoke and ash, locks can automatically open to facilitate a fast exit, lights can turn on, and neighbors can be alerted to the danger. In this way, your house becomes safer when your devices are connected to each other through a Smart Home platform.