Smart Home Security Control Panel by Vault

With, you can easily set rules so that your home responds automatically in an emergency to keep you safe.

Your home’s key devices, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, as well as your heating and AC system, are wirelessly connected to the security panel.

More sensors communicating with each other creates a smarter system that protects your family in an emergency.

The Advantages of a Wireless Security System

By untethering your home from old, wired security technology,'s wireless Smart Home Security solution makes life safer, smarter and more efficient.

Our wireless technology keeps you informed of the important things happening at home and easily grows with you so that your Smart Home solution adapts to your changing needs.

When you're choosing a security system, consider these five reasons to go wireless with

Smart Home Security Control Panel by Vault
  • Smart Home Security Control Panel by Vault

    1. It's More Secure systems use a secure cellular connection that is fast and reliable, enabling real-time awareness and alerts from your home, and combating many of the vulnerabilities you'll find on other types of system. For example, there is no exposed phone or cable line to be cut from the outside of the house that would render a traditional system useless.

  • 2. It's Easier to Install, With Faster Support

    Our huge selection of security panels, wireless sensors and devices will help meet your needs, match your décor. They are easy to install and often times you can use the existing sensors from an old system – meaning there's no need to tie yourself to the out of date system that came with your house. If you do need new sensors, you won't need to run wires through your home.

  • 3. It's Flexible and Versatile

    Because wireless sensors are easy to move (and add), you can use them to keep track of all sorts of unique things around your home, with real-time alerts that keep you aware of what's happening.

  • 4. It's Easy to Expand Your System

    As you and your family grow and change, your needs change too.'s wireless technology is portable, flexible, and adapts to you.

    With a child on the way, you might want to add a camera to your nursery – no problem. When your kids become more mobile, you can add extra sensors to kitchen cabinets or the freezer. If you're travelling more for business and need to hire a petsitter, it's simple to add a smart lock to let them come and go.

  • 5. It's the Foundation of a True Smart Home

    The Smart Home platform that powers's Smart Home Security systems supports a full range of connected devices that go beyond security to make your home smarter and more efficient.

    You can easily upgrade to see what's happening at home with HD video, manage your energy use with a smart thermostat to save money, and control access to your home with automated locks and integrated garage door controls – with everything controlled through a single app.

    We continually add new capabilities to our wireless solutions too, so you don't have to worry about being locked into a technology that doesn't keep up with the latest developments in the Smart Home industry.

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