Tech Upgrades for the Millennial Homeowner

Only a third of US Millennials own homes, yet they are still the largest home-buying demographic and trends put Millennials on pace to start buying homes at a rapid pace. Whether you are a home-owner looking to sell your home, a real estate investor trying to capitalize on trends, or simply a discerning buyer looking to make a starter home a home to remember, here are a few ways smart home technology can improve your home.

Smart Monitoring to Keep Your Children Safe and Secure

Many Millennial families are dual-income and have non-traditional work schedules, leading to times when children may not be within eyesight. For the times when the kids are in another room or have a babysitter, indoor cameras and monitoring apps can allow you to be productive or enjoy your time away knowing your children are properly cared for.

Lock down Your Home with Security and Safety Features

Traditional safety equipment can ensure break-ins are responded to in a timely manner, but what about the times when an intruder hasn’t struck yet? Today, many products and services are available to screen visitors, lock-down entrances, and allow easier access to trusted visitors. Features Millennial buyers are seeking to aid home security include smart locks, doorbell cameras, and smart home ecosystem integration.

Tech Upgrades for the Millennial Homeowner

Save Money on Utilities and Essentials

Even though Millennials are more educated than other age cohorts in general, buying power of this group is lower than ever before. Consequently, Millennials are interested in purchasing an economically-sound home. For homebuyers interested in saving money, smart thermostats and lighting are attractive accoutrements and could easily increase the value of a home for sale.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of smartening up the home for the current generation of homebuyers, it’s time to invest in some tech upgrades. Whether you’re still on the fence and want to learn more about smart homes or are ready to capitalize now on tech upgrades, visit or give us a call today.