Making the Most of Your Smart Home Using Rules and Scenes

While flying cars, robot butlers, and scores of futuristic gadgets that eliminate the concept of chores entirely have not yet become part of daily life, voice assistants and smart devices have come a long way toward at least making our lives more convenient. Here are three ideas for smart home routines to simplify your daily grind.

Give Your Home a Kiss Goodbye

Hopefully you aren’t under the impression that we want to start this list by having you actually give sugar to the masonry. Setting a routine to unlock the door, turn out the lights, arm the security system, and set the thermostat to an economical level can help you take care of several tasks at once on your way out, saving time and money with one voice command.

Set a Smarter Commute to Work or School

Usually, commuting is one of the least productive parts of one’s day. Instead of letting your commute simply be the time between home and work, have a routine make your time in the car work for you. Enlisting your voice assistant to lock the front door, give information about your commute, and read your emails or the news can make use of your downtime and prepare you for the day ahead.

Tech Upgrades for the Millennial Homeowner

Celebrate Your Return Home

Not everyone has a honey to come home to but with a smart home, there is always someone to welcome you home! With an evening routine, your home can automatically turn on lights, stream music or tv, set the kettle or coffee maker, and give reminders about evening plans. As a bonus, you can even set a friday night routine to play your TGIF mix and order dinner to start your weekend off right.

Even if you’re waiting for “the future” to automate the tedious tasks in life completely, hopefully you have some ideas of how to make your life a little easier starting today. If you are interested in upgrading your home to set routines for the more mundane aspects of life, call Vault Smart Home or visit today to get started!