Keeping Cool This Summer with a Smart Thermostat

Vault’s home state of Texas is known for a few things: barbeque, country music, cowboys, and scorching summers. Most people try to find a sweet spot with the A/C in their cars and homes. Keeping the temperature too cool will feel great but can easily double energy bills. Conversely, having an economical air setting can feel like torture during the summer months. With a smart thermostat, however, even the hottest weather can be tamed in the home without breaking the bank.

Setting Away Temperatures to save Money

A major flaw of traditional thermostats is that they can only have one setting at a time. If a homeowner wants their system to change to a more economical setting, everything is done manually at the panel. Switching temperatures at the panel is a hassle and changes take time to kick in. With a smart thermostat, simply leaving the house will trigger a more economical setting and if you want a cool house the minute you step in the door, you can remotely set your system to begin cooling on your way home.

Using Routines for Situational Cooling

While having a reprieve from the summer sun is vital, not every room in your house needs to be cooled all day. Traditional A/C systems simply attempt to produce the programmed settings. One huge advantage of smart thermostats is that they can target specific areas of the home for the ambient temperature needed. By scheduling routines, you can keep your home office cool while you work from home, shift to cooling the living room for the evening, then cool down the bedroom just in time for bed, all without pushing a button.

Keeping Cool This Summer with a Smart Thermostat

Being Conscious of the Cooler Days

We understand that not everybody lives in the southern states and some people may not experience scorching summers. In the event of an unexpected cooler day, traditional thermostats are blissfully unaware and still blast your home with cold air. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, have access to weather data and can raise the ambient temperature before you are even out of bed.

Whether you have trouble keeping cool during the summer or simply want to save money, smart thermostats are the best way to achieve both of these goals. If you want to learn more information or are ready to get your own smart thermostat installed, visit us at or give us a call today 469-661-0109.