4 Tips To Improve Your Home’s Security

Almost nothing is more unsettling than the thought of having unwanted visitors in your home. Considering your family’s well-being and peace of mind, here are 4 ways you can improve the security of your home.

Protect Your Garage from Break-in and Theft

Unlocked and open doors are common avenues inviting theft and an open garage door could provide a fire-sale for opportunistic thieves. Installing a smart garage door opener along with a door sensor would allow you to ensure your sports equipment, vehicles, and other belongings are safe while away from home.

Ensure Your Doors and Windows Are Closed

Open doors and garages may provide the easiest opportunities for theft, however, unlocked openings are still prevalent enticements for criminal activity. Using door and window sensors provide two points of protection. Receive notifications to prevent leaving openings on accident and also deter invasion by triggering an alarm when windows or doors are opened at inappropriate times.

4 Tips To Improve Your Home’s Security

Keep Shattered Windows from Inviting Trouble

Most of us have seen at least one film where a shop or business is burgled by a rock-heaving bad-guy storming through a busted window. While we don’t live in the 1940s and most criminals have evolved from using brute force to commit invasions, there are still methods for dealing with the less adept ones. Augmenting your home-security setup with shatter alarms will scare off most criminals and will alert the police of any brave enough to stick around.

Never Forget a Face Using Video Monitoring

In the other three examples, this not-so-welcome guest is a nameless, faceless intruder. Using indoor and/or outdoor monitoring cameras, however, it is much easier to identify criminals and ensure they won’t strike again any time in the near future. Furthermore, just the sight of outdoor cameras is often enough to dissuade would-be intruders and adds another layer of security to your home.