3 Ways Doorbell Cameras Improve Your Home

Far from being a gimmick, doorbell cameras have become an integral part of not only home security but also a useful piece in any smart home. Today, we’ll give you three ways to maximize the utility of your doorbell camera.

Lending a Hand to the Delivery Person

With so-called “ porch pirates” plundering the doormats of many suburban homes, directing deliveries to a safer spot is becoming increasingly popular. By combining the features of the smart doorbell camera, homeowners can now give verbal directions to their favourite delivery man or woman and ensure the package is delivered properly all from their smartphones.

Fighting Crime Right from Your Doorstep

Wouldn’t we all love to live in a world where superheroes guarded our neighbourhoods and kept us safe from danger? While caped and costumed heroes may not keep watch over our homes, doorbell cameras absolutely can. Would-be criminals are often deterred by the mere presence of a lens but if they are still bold enough to cause trouble, rest assured that your doorstep saviour has all the evidence you need to fix the situation.

3 Ways Doorbell Cameras Improve Your Home

Screening Visitors at the Porch

Whether you are working from home or cooking dinner, having a doorbell camera allows you to screen your visitors without skipping a beat on your work. Combined with a comprehensive smart home system, you could even unlock your door for your guest remotely or give them a code for letting themselves in all from your phone, tablet, or another smart home device.

With nearly infinite applications, a simple doorbell camera can go a long way toward making your home safer and more accessible. If these scenarios or any other pique your interest, contact a rep at Vault.Smart Home. With a selection of video monitoring and audio devices, Vault can help set up the smart home built for your personal needs.