Home Security Advertising Home Program

It's just one of those things. Every Company has to advertise to stay in business.

But the difference between Vault's advertising and other companies' is that rather relying on catchy jingles and coupons, we have selected a much better method - you.

Don't think you're doing all the work here. By agreeing to participate in our new advertising program, you get an advanced smart home technology system and we get name recognition. It's a win-win situation.

Our state-of-the-art system is loaded with features designed to keep your home and family safe. We're confident that since you'll be so completely satisfied with it, you'll be referring us to your friends and neighbors.

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How does it work?

Our advertising home allow us to reach hundreds of future customers each day. These are your neighbors, family and friends that visit your house, traffic as it passes by your home and business associated you work with every day. Our sign in your yard is visible by thousands of people each year.

Our Future Customers live in your neighborhood.

Our objective is to get a few signs on your street. Your neighbors buy what they see and they'll see that you home is protected by Vault. When they are ready to buy a security system, they will think Vault - first.

Does it really work?

Our advertising home program has helped protect more than 10,000 American families and has led to a more than 474% annual growth rate in customer referrals. The program works for you and us.

How much do I save?

Smart Home Technology$895.00
Lifetime Service Plan$199.00
Relocation Plan$99.00
Vault Rewards$99.00